Mido’s Trucking is a Saint Louis based carrier delivering products safely and on time. Our growing team of drivers has been delivering products to all 48 states successfully for almost a decade. From a 1 man unit to a fleet of over 70 units, we are a fast growing carrier with solutions that will expedite and streamline the shipping process for our clients.


At Mido’s Trucking, we hire only the safest and most experienced drivers. We have set and maintain some of the highest hiring standards in our industry. This allows us to have a team of individuals working hard to get shipments delivered on time but most importantly delivered safely. From our friendly office staff to our hard working drivers, we will work around the clock to make sure all shipments are delivered as promised. We will keep you up to date while your product is in route and notify you once it is delivered.


Over 95% of our fleet is brand new equipment. Our units undergo weekly inspections to ensure they are safe and reliable on the road. Our in house shop provides us the convenience of performing regular maintenance on the units as well as repairing any defects on time to eliminate any major on the road breakdowns and delays.

Why Choose Us

Fast Transportation Service
We strive for excellence. Efficiency is our goal, in the spirit of continuous improvement. We are looking for more efficient ways of serving our customers and improving our performance.
Professional Staff
With our experienced drivers and staff, we can guarantee professional correlation with our clients and their freight on every delivery.
Safety & Reliability
Safe and secure delivery of goods is every costumer´s priority, and that is why we made it our priority to deliver to those demands, without a fail.
Continuous Inspections
Within our own facility, we make sure all of our trucks and trailers are inspected in order to keep them running effectively so they are not broken down on the side of the road with your cargo in it.

what our clients say

Francisco Walsh
Midos's Trucking has given me an opportunity to build and grow my business throughout years of dedicated partnership and loyalty. I will, and already do, recommend them to anyone that needs LTL service. It is just perfect for small business companies.
Raymond Alexander
Mido's Trucking has been an excellent company to work with. They provide extraordinary customer service, on time deliveries, and maintain professionalism in every situation. I love it that I can know where my cargo is at any time with their Truckpoint system
Max Burgess
We are more than satisfied with Mido's Trucking services and care for customers. They managed to cut our transportation costs with their brilliant logistics. There is no better option for transportation than Mido's Trucking, we highly recommend them to everyone in need of transportation services