Mido’s Trucking Logistics

Mido’s Trucking integrates a comprehensive, customized logistics to meet your specific needs. We have streamlined the process of transportation logistics and understand the success of our company relies on the success of your goods being successfully delivered on-time and on budget without any hiccups.

We realized early on that in order to provide the best transportation logistics services, it takes a great deal of planning. Our economical transportation logistics starts with defining your needs, rate negotiation, hassle-free payment options, safely transporting your goods, keeping you up-to-date with Truckpoint to track the progress, finally dropping off your goods at the designated location on time.

Mido’s Trucking logistic services provide custom-designed transportation and solutions which give our clients a competitive advantage in the marketplace, regardless of location, fleet size or application.

Mido’s Trucking Logistics is another entity under the Mido’s Trucking Family. Since we have our own trucking logistics company you won’t have to pay a 3rd party company for the planning of your cargo transportation.

We know that by not outsourcing our Logistics we will have an economical solution to delivering goods and happy customers who get the savings!

Load Check and Review

Route Analysis and Recommendations

Warehousing and Storage

Too much junk in the trunk? Not enough use of the caboose? We’ll advise you on how to most efficiently work with the carrier vehicle you’ve chosen.

Based on where you need to go and when you need to be there, we will find the best roads to save you the most time and money.

Can’t haul overnight or anytime soon? We have storage facilities that you can take advantage of so your items won’t be left to the elements.